Cycling Through the Seasons

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From maple festivals and everything pumpkin spice to Solstice celebrations and Seasonal Affective Disorder, our lives are very much influenced by the four seasons. Our moods can be impacted by shorter days or, say, by the rainiest year on record (hello, Pittsburgh in 2018).


We feel free of winter’s clutches the first spring day we can shed our jackets and notice the warmth of the sun on our arms. We relish warm summer evenings spent along the water’s edge. We enjoy the sound of leaves crunching beneath our boots in the fall. And, yes, some of us even love winter.

The seasons impact nearly every aspect of our lives: our cultural traditions, moods, productivity, and physical activities, for starters. In a year-long group program, Cycling Through the Seasons, Cycle Forward will pair casual cycling with conversations around how the seasons affect and inspire us.

We’ll consider:

  • How to push through seasonal challenges
  • How to accept when seasons call for slowing down (or speeding up)
  • How we can take advantage of the seasons that most inspire us
  • And whatever else the group wants to cover

This program is for you if you’re interested in exploring the four seasons as they relate to your own life, are up for some casual cycling (two hours on nearly level trails each session), and want to enjoy all of the seasons by being outside with others. Learn more and register at the Eventbrite event page and follow program updates on Facebook.

BONUS! Here are some pretty exciting things I haven’t yet mentioned:

Bonus #1: There’s no need for a group of casual cyclists to ride in February. Our Feb. 23 kickoff session will be a bike-free gathering graciously hosted by 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. We’ll get to know each other over hot drinks around the fire ring, we’ll hear a talk on adventuring through the seasons (gear, what to wear, etc.), and enjoy a one-day shopping discount just for us.

Bonus #2: While there are four seasons, we’re going to have five gatherings. Why, you wonder?  Last year, winter simply refused to give way to spring, and a fifth season emerged: “Sprinter.” We’ll honor Sprinter with a ride and gathering. Because when you just can’t shake winter, why not get outside and ride through?

Bonus #3: We won’t limit ourselves to a single trail or area! We’ll ride four different trails – the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, Montour Trail, Armstrong Trail, and Roaring Run Trail. All are located within an hour’s drive of Pittsburgh.

Bonus #4: We’ll be building a mini-community (up to eight people) of individuals who love being outside, want to learn and share, and are looking for more out of life. In addition to our five sessions, we’ll have a Facebook group to keep everyone connected throughout the year.