In Gratitude of Investment

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A friend invested in me in a big way last week. Pam purchased five tickets to the Gremlins in the Woods* workshop that I’m hosting next month. Not only did she invest in herself in registering, but she also invested in her friends…and in me. Pam believes in the value that I provide as a coach and knows that I’ll deliver on the promise of the program. And she believes in her friends, knowing that they’re ready to make use of what they take away from our evening in the woods.


I love this! Think about it. She believes in me to the point of funding her friends’ personal and professional development and inviting them to give up their evenings to participate. I receive support in a lot of ways, but it speaks volumes when someone says, “Yeah, I like what you’re doing, I want to be part of it, and I’m bringing my friends along.” It reminds me of the time that a coaching client worked with me for eight months and then purchased a three-session package for a friend. Or when other contractors have had opportunities to involve me in consulting projects and vice versa.

Besides the boost in confidence that I receive in these instances, what I’m noticing is women supporting other women to the point of investing in each other. In financing each other. How powerful is this? It brings to mind the difference between mentorship and sponsorship. Mentoring is important and useful, but sponsoring someone is more active. (Here’s an infographic that asserts that “sponsors act, mentors advise.”) Notice the active verbs in this post? Sponsor, finance, invest…is it any wonder that these bold actions are words that all relate to financial actions?

In closing, I share these experiences in gratitude. I’m grateful for all who support me. Everything from sharing a Facebook post to making a referral is most appreciated and makes all the difference in this “word of mouth” business. And when it comes to the instances described above–ones that involve risk and investment–my gratitude is met with awe and admiration.

*While this post emphasizes instances of women supporting women, Gremlins in the Woods and most other programs offered by Cycle Forward are open to all.