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Amy Camp
Cycle Forward


Office Dogs 

Zoe Beagle

Nap Specialist & Chief Crumb Finder

If you hear a gentle snore while on a call with Amy, it is most likely Zoe taking one of her long office naps. She reports to work whenever she feels like it and makes a habit of blocking the heat/air vent. She’s also ultra aware of when there’s food in the office and will make that clear with her sad and convincing eyes.



Chief Happiness Officer

Annie has a true zest for life, even as she patiently awaits the end of the work day when the human is more interactive. She can be found basking in the sunny spot of the office, snuggling up next to Zoe, or simply sitting and waiting for whatever comes next. If you ever hear a high-pitched terrier barking, that’s Annie patrolling the neighborhood. On weekends, she enjoys a good hike. At 10 pounds, she’s the smallest little hiker out there!



The Original Office Dog

(In memoriam) Quill was a 60-pound cuddler who loved nothing more than tennis balls and his moms (oh, and treats). He visited 12 states and provinces in his 13 years and spent many days pointing to the nearest trail. Having gone on so many adventures, Quill was the inspiration for the Cycle Forward blog post, Outdoor Adventures with Your Nervous Dog. His story is also featured in Amy’s YouTube series on fear aggression in dogs (sharing in case this could be helpful to anyone here). (See the “Quill Photos” video there for an instant smile.)